Saturday, November 25, 2006

Red Shoe Ramblings: How To Make A Fabric Postcard DebR Style

Red Shoe Ramblings: How To Make A Fabric Postcard DebR Style

I know this is kind of an old post from Deb's blog, but 'tis the season for making and sending cards!

She's got lots of other cool stuff, too! Check it out!

Approaching the end...

...of the first vacation I've had in years.

No, I didn't go anywhere; but I've had the whole week off, and I can't remember the last time I took so much time off from work and still got paid. I've spent most of the time loafing in various ways, which has been very nice, but not long enough.

I thought I might do some cleaning, so I could move some of my fabric and stuff into my studio, but none of that has happened. But I have been working on my Wild Garden, basting hexagons and sewing them together.

One of the reasons that I wanted to start getting my fabric out of the closet in which it is packed (and I do mean Packed! To get any of it out, I'll have to get everything out, and I'm just not ready to tackle a project of that magnitude), is that somewhere in that overstuffed closet is a bag containing several sections that I've already stitched together, and a box that has the fabric I want to use for the backing, and all my batting. I figured that if I could excavate those elements, I might already have enough to quilt into the lap quilt for Honey.

Oh well, I'll keep stitching with what I have out, and maybe tackle the closet when I'm off again in December.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Every Play Group Needs a Toy Store

You can now find lots of crating-related goodies by clicking on Tactile Arts Toy Store in the link section to the right. Right now, it mainly has knitting stuff, but I'll be adding more over the next few days.

Have fun!

Wild Garden

One of the many projects I have going right now is a Grandmother's Garden variation I call "Wild Garden". To the left is a segment in progress. The hexagons are 1" on a side. When the section has 6 hexagons on each side, I'll quilt it. When I have enough sections quilted, then I'll put them together into a wheelchair blanket for my honey. One of the other things I have in mind for these is a robe that I refer to as my "coat of many colors".

I love English Paper Piecing because it's 98% portable. There are really only two stages that aren't. The first is printing out the hexagon templates on full-sheet label paper (no pins required!); the other is cutting and sandwiching the batting and backing for each section. All the rest of it can be done anywhere; from cutting out the templates and sticking them to the fabric, all the way to connecting the quilted sections. I carry it along to do on the commute train (one of the joys of public transit), I do it while watching TV with Honey, I even do it at my desk while waiting for pages to load on my computer.

Another thing I like about working on small projects (or big projects in small sections) is that it lets me see progress very quickly, which is the sort of positive feedback I need. Not only that, but it lets me use up little pieces of fabric that might otherwise go to waste. One of the women I know at work is also a quilter, but she considers anything smaller than about 1/8 yard to be a "scrap"; for the kinds of things I make, that can be quite a bit of fabric! I can use anything bigger than 1/2" square, especially in foundation-pieced minis.

What are you working on?

Let's Play!

I like to play with all kinds of crafts:

  • quilting
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • cross-stitching
  • beadwork
  • embroidery

Basically, if it involves needles, colors, and/or fibers, I'm probably there.

Things I want to play with but haven't yet include:

  • scrapbooking (for which I've collected many supplies)
  • weaving
  • dying my own fabric

What do you like to play with?